Regular preventive maintenance by an authorised Hysek service centre is the best way to protect your asset.
It frequency should be every three years, alternating between maintenance and complete services to rectify the natural wear of certain components and the deterioration of oils.

Watch maintenance service
The maintenance service is the ideal opportunity to bring your watch in for a periodic inspection to maintain its technical qualities. It also enables us to assess the current state of your watch.
Various checks on the movement, tests of the watch’s resistance to magnetic fields and water are realised and seals and battery of a quartz watch are changed. The metal case and bracelet are then carefully cleaned.

Complete watch service
This service will give your watch a new lease of life. During a complete service, our craftsmen carefully disassemble the watch and its movement.
Worn parts, seals and batteries in quartz watches are replaced. The movement is adjusted and its functions rigorously tested.